Terms and Conditions for Rough Acres Bible Camp

Rough Acres Bible Camp Medical Consent

We will make every effort to inform parents/guardians of medical concerns, but will not delay seeking medical attention as needed.

In the event of an injury or medical concern, I give permission to Rough Acres Bible Camp and its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, volunteers, and representatives to provide First Aid and/or transport to medical services as deemed necessary by RABC personnel.

Rough Acres Bible Camp Head Lice Policy

We at Rough Acres Bible Camp want your child's time at camp to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience, so please take the following precautionary measures to see that your camper is ready for the total camp experience:

Parents should do a head lice check on their campers two weeks before camp and regularly until camp begins.

We have provided the following information to help you in your head lice checks and to provide you with materials for informing parents about head lice.


Each camper will be examined for head lice upon arrival at Rough Acres Bible Camp. If nits and/or lice are present, campers will be turned away with 50% of the registration fee refunded. If a camper is sent home, the camp is not responsible for expenses incurred for the campers return trip home.

Conditions of enrolment at Rough Acres Bible Camp

  1. RABC Camp director reserves the right to dismiss a camper who in his/her opinion is a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or who appears to reject the controls of camp. Campers will be sent home at the parents/guardians expense. Possession of and/or use of tobacco products, non-prescriptive drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. I have instructed my child to abide by RABC's rules.
  2. The parents/legal guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody of the camper. Conditions of custody will be communicated in writing to the camp director.
  3. Registration of your child for any RABC programs constitutes permission for RABC to photograph your child. The photographs taken will be used for promotional purposes, but, not limited to: brochures, website www.roughacres.org, slide shows, posters, display boards, photobooks, etc. Rough Acres Bible Camp continues to uphold the faith statement of Rough Acres to further the kingdom of God by sharing the good things He provides at Rough Acres. The photography will be used in a tasteful, professional and God honouring manner.
  4. Full payment at time of registration is required to secure your spot (this includes a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE administration fee). Camp fees (less the administration fee) are refundable only if notification is received 7 days prior to the first day of camp and the reasons are discussed with our Executive Director.