All in One Waiver (Under 18)

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Under 18 All in One Waiver

We at Rough Acres Bible Camp respect the privacy of personal information that is submitted to us and adhere to the CSA Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information. We collect information only for the purposes of this ministry, disclose it to others only as required, and are committed to protecting it to the best of our ability. We assume that your submission of a registration form represents your consent to collect, use and disclose information for the purposes listed in our Privacy Policy, the full copy of which is available upon request. We also respect your right to withdraw this consent at any time, though this will limit our ability to serve you in the future.

My child has my permission to attend Rough Acres Bible Camp. I am confident that the staff (both paid and volunteer) will do their best to give my child the necessary attention and supervision and that appropriate safety and health guidelines will be observed. I release Rough Acres Bible Camp, its employees, volunteers, directors, and officers from any and all liability or claims for damages arising from any accidents or personal injury caused by my child's participation in the camp program including (but not limited to) archery, riflery, watersports, blobbing, Sports, and wide games. I understand these activities involve risk, dangers and hazards but I am confident the Rough Acres staff, directors and volunteers will do everything in their control to safeguard and protect my child from these risks. I willingly give camp personnel the authority to act on my behalf in the event of an injury requiring emergency treatment or any other medical emergency involving my child (parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible).

I signify that my child will be covered by a Provincial or equivalent medical plan while he/she is attending Rough Acres Bible Camp and understand that I am financially responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of sickness or injury, including ambulance service.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the camp office, I give Rough Acres Bible Camp permission to use photos and videos of my child for their promotional materials only.

I have read and accept the conditions of the Release Waiver and Assumption of Risk.